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TV Masters is a simple web service that enables you to create TV masters for almost any TV station in the world. See How

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Quality Guarantee

Quality means everything to us. Every video that is converted and made ready for television is checked meticulously by machine and then by eye. We give our guarantee that your media is in safe hands!

Upload or Add a file

Fist upload the file that you want to send to our secure serves. Then tell us a bit about the file, what it is advertising and when it is to be aired, who you are and the TV station that needs to recieve the file.

Tell us about the TV Station

Just by letting us know which station your sending the file too, we're able to convert your file to the right codex, change the audio levels & loudness and add a slate. Ready for broadcast.

When it's all finished

When the file has been checked and finished, we send it off to the station. When the file has been downloaded we send a confirmation so you stay well informed, confident and in controll of your files.


Ready for TV

99 DKK

If you already have a reference number, such as Adstreams ID, Adtooxs Copy Code or IMD Code for distribution then let us get the file ready & you don't have to worry.


  •   Conversion
  •   Sound Levels
  •   Loudness
  •   Slate
  •   Distribution

Distributed to a TV station

From 550 DKK

Don't worry about the delivery, let us take care of communication with the station and getting your TV master out. All we need is the file and a little information and we will deliver your media to the TV station of your choice.


Disney Nordic 1175DKK
TV3 Denmark 1050DKK
SBS Discovery 1050DKK
Nordic Stations* 850DKK
TV2 Denmark 550DKK

*Other Nordic stations include: TV4, NRK, YLE, TV Finland, Canal+, MTV, Viasat, Viacom & eurosport. Dont see your station, get in touch and we will figgure something out.

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